As you walk out on the way, the way appears. ―Rumi

About Meghan



I'm a native NY resident though I've lived coast to coast. Always  interested in expanding my horizons, both inward and outward, I followed my curiosity about personal growth, spiritual development and relationships into education, parenting and finally to graduate school for psychotherapy.



Now I work with people who experience deeply personal and relationship challenges as they create full  lives they love. Working with individuals and families in this role is the most challenging and rewarding experience of my life and I love coming to work.



This is an incredible time in human history and I love being on the front lines of what is becoming. We all know "the only constant is change," but learning to Live well while acknowledging the uncertainties that challenge us everyday--this is an art, It is my intention to become more skillful and graceful at it every single day. We are each becoming/unfolding/Living. How much more fun it is to be in great company on this journey!



Hi I'm Lily, I work with Meghan and all the people who come to see her. We work well together--she talks more than I do, but I bring a certain presence to the room. I take a lot of naps, but I am listening too. If you need some extra attention, just ask. Hope to see you soon!